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Solar energy is non-polluting
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About Us


It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as Jyoti Solar Pvt. Ltd. Since inception in 2009,Jyoti Solar Pvt. Ltd. has been constantly endeavoring to make solar power more affordable in India. Founded by Mr. J. K. Saha, Jyoti Solar efficiently bridges the gap between project planning and product design. Adoption of latest solar technologies, a sound technical foundation and a keen grasp of on-ground realities have paved the way for success. Today, Jyoti Solar is recognized as one of the most trusted partners for solar power plants and clean energy solutions in India. Jyoti Solar Pvt. Ltd. the leading power Back-up Solution provider in India, with its consistent focus on technological innovation, has attained heights unheard of, in the largely unorganized industry. Having a clear technological edge, creating new benchmarks and upgrading standards for the industry comes naturally to Jyoti Solar Pvt. Ltd. Today Jyoti Solar is the established leader in product innovation, design sensibility and sales distribution &service support network. Jyoti Solar Pvt. Ltd. has several state of-the-art production facilities, systematically planned and built to modern construction standards. The plants are equipped with sophisticated assembly lines and are backed by completely integrated in-house component manufacturing facilities and R& D Centers. All Jyoti Solar Pvt. Ltd. product have invariably received overwhelming response from the market, as it creates products which eventually enhance the quality of life for its users, while giving them real value for money. Jyoti Solar Pvt. Ltd. today provides an array of solar products and high capacity inverters (Standard and customized) for industrial usage.


Chairman Message

The use of Solar Energy as a substitute for other sources of energy, hardly needs any emphasis. It has become the talk of the day. Primarily by virtue of being environment-friendly and economical, solar energy has gained unprecedented importance world over. Its importance and necessity is further established in the third world countries like ours. Jyoti Solar brings new ‘Jyoti Light’ to your life providing illumination to millions of people from big metropolis to the remotest of villages. It changes the lifestyle of all in an affordable price. Let your life be also illuminated with Jyoti Solar.


Thanking You



Advantages of Solar Energy

There are many advantages of solar energy. Here are some examples of what it has over oil, the world's current number one energy source: Solar energy is a renewable resource. Although it cannot be utilized at night or on cloudy days, its availability may be generally relied upon day after day. The solar energy supply will last as long as the sun.


Why Solar ?


  • Cut down your pet unit electricity tariff
  •  Payback in 5-6 years &free electricity for next 2oyears.
  •  Sell excess electricity through net-metering, if available.
  •  Enhance your brand image by going green.
  •  100% income tax benefit.